Norwegian Business Association India


NBAI Along with The Royal Norwegian Consulate along  celebrated Christmas dinner on 3rd December 2019 with theme being DIVERSITY .

The event  subject being  “ Diversity” in gender, culture or activities .It was   front and centre with the tunes of the transnational band Monoswezi on stage.

Monoswezi  ranspired out of a cultural exchange program between Africa and Norway, composed of Hope Masike, Calu Tsmane, Hallvard Godal, Putte Johander and Erik Nylander. Their music builds upon their cultural heritage, creating a fantastic fusion of Scandinavian and African rhythms.

Also  it was announced that  Kristine Anvik Leach has now  replaced Captain Navin Passey as the CHAIRMAN  of the Norwegian Business Association Of India (NBAI). Kristine is MD of Jotun India and the first woman  and the first Norwegian  to chair NBAI.

We thank Capt Navin Passey  for all the support and  efforts  he lent to NBAI in his  tenure of 3 years  at the association, your encouragement and support have made all of the difference and we welcome  Kristine with her new tasks  as dynamic chair leader .

The event was attended by many NBAI members within & outside Mumbai

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